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This Vietnamese Entrepreneur is Promoting Sustainable Solution to Menstrual Pads

Hi! I’m Minh Ngoc. I’m the founder of Green Lady Vietnam, and this is my story.

I had a full-time job at an education company. I also started my business during that time, but then I realized that my career at Green Lady Vietnam is something that I wanted to pursue more. Starting a business is not easy for me, but I still pursued Green Lady Vietnam because I’m passionate about what I’m doing and I strongly believe in my vision, mission, and philosophy. I was first introduced to menstruation cloth pad in 2016 when I was attending an Ecovillage Design Education course in Thailand. It amazed me how diverse people are in finding ways to deal with their period. I found the products beautiful and bought 1 set of cloth pads for myself. I’m interested in the idea that period is “the connection between women and the moon”. Therefore, I would like to find an alternative to take care of my period in a lovely and eco-friendly way. Menstruation is considered taboo in Vietnam. The issue is we are not supposed to talk about menstruation in public, that’s the reason why I want to do a project to normalize menstruation. It’s not something dirty, not something to be hidden, and not something to be ashamed of. Green Lady Vietnam is a social enterprise about environment and women empowerment. We promote green living lifestyle and provide education to empower women. We believe that each individual should take the responsibility to protect the environment. We also believe in the power of women to take care of herself, her family, her community, and actively contribute to the society.

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