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This Malaysian Tech Expert is Leading the Generation of IOT in His Homeland

Hi! My name is Mazlan and I’m the CEO and Co-founder of Favoriot. This is my story.

I worked in several companies before I started Favoriot. The turning point was when I was assigned to set up a subsidiary for a telco company. Basically, I’m just building a new startup company but it’s not my own. In December 2016, my co-founder and I went to Silicon Valley and we saw a lot of startup logos. I realized that they also started small and now they are growing big. That gave me the confidence to start my own business. We already established four applications so far. First is RAQIB, which can help monitor elderlies when they are alone at home. Second is a navigation app to guide Muslims who join the Hajj. Third, FAVORSENSE, is a smart-city solution that focuses on the engagement of the local council and the citizens. The fourth app is a smart-travel companion called D’scover. Aside from the 4 applications, we also have a platform where people can create their own IoT system easily and that platform is Favoriot. There are a lot of people who want to develop their own IoT solutions but they just don’t have the platform to connect their sensors. More than 2000 developers in 90 countries are using our platform as of the moment. I’m proud to say that won the “Malaysia’s Best IoT Startup” award. I can see myself as one of the pioneers in Malaysia to evangelize IoT. I was even included as one of the top influencers of IoT in the world. I want to create as many jobs as possible for the younger generation through IoT. I want to create a community of the generation IoT.

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