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This Duo is Promoting Unity in Their Homeland Through Card Games

Hi! I’m Trixie and I’m Stephen. We are the founders of Rojak Culture and this is our story.

It’s started when we were getting to know each other years ago. Trixie was helping me to understand Malaysia and as she was doing that, she was re-experiencing Malaysia for herself. It is precisely the fact that we came from multi-racial society, we believe and strongly encourage everyone to learn and appreciate each other’s background to promote unity, ultimately nation development. We were initially interested in attending dialogues but then we realized people might not come because it’s scary for them to speak their mind. So, the solution for us is to be more playful. In 2015, we realized that we can contribute to promoting unity through a game. Within the card game itself, there’s a lot of shared cultures and humor taken from different races in Malaysia. It’s an opportunity for people to share their culture with others. It’s a good way to realize what their culture contributes to the Malaysian identity, and at the same time, understand the contributions of other cultures too. All of a sudden, you will quickly realize our national identity. There’s so much about our national identity that should be celebrated, rather than for it to become the cause of separation. We believe being physically together is a high value in building friendship. It’s important to sit together and interact face to face.

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