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​These Dog Lovers Are Changing the Game in The Dog Food Market

Hi! I’m Sandy and I’m Rachel. We are the founders of The Grateful Dog, and this is our story.

We love dogs, that’s why we want a business that is related to dogs. If you have a bad day and you see a dog, it can change your mood. We started by making meals and experiment on our own. We had full-time jobs before so we try to make it every weekend. In present times, owners are humanizing their pets and they treat their dogs like family members. Pet owners now are more cautious in what they give to their dogs. They make sure that their dogs get real food and nutrition. We want to help dogs to be healthy so their owners can spend more time with them. Our food is natural and has no preservatives. We make sure that the ingredients are nutritious and we also work with 2 vets to make sure that it’s safe and good for the dogs. Some underweight dogs gained weight and their dry skin became better because they're getting the right amount of nutrition. We also ask our family and friends for feedback so we know how effective our products are and how we can expand our products. We are happy that they give good responses and they see good results in their dogs. For us, it’s important to give back to the local animal shelter. We work with causes for animals. They take in street dogs, take care of them, rehabilitate them, and find them owners. We donate food to them monthly. If we can help dogs feel better, it means we can also help humans feel better.

Nowadays, dogs are treated as family members. Fur parents are doing extra things to show their love to them, such as making sure that they give their dogs healthy food. Sandee and Rachel, founders of The Grateful Dog, are making dog food that's natural and full of nutrition so dogs can live longer and spend more time with their owners.

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