About Confirmis

Founded by a 21-year veteran in the business information industry, Nicholas Teoh has an extensive multi-market experience across Asia Pacific. His deep appreciation for a diverse economic, social and political culture enables him to effectively connect and deliver market performance.

A people leader with passion on developing talents, Nicholas had a successful career with Dun & Bradstreet Asia Pacific. His last role was market leader/VP, International Partnerships organization in which his portfolio expanded from Southeast Asia to include South Korea and Japan. Prior to that, he was the company’s regional leader/VP for Data & Operations, responsible for driving data strategy and execution across Asia Pacific.

With Confirmis ASEAN, Nicholas developed a vision to significantly elevate data and insight quality with a disruptive business model to overcome an otherwise inefficient data landscape across many Southeast Asian markets. He assembled a team of talents from across the region who are passionate on supporting businesses, in particular small and medium–sized enterprises (SMEs). Confirmis ASEAN is committed to delivering trusted, meaningful data and analytics at greater speed, consistency, and competitive rates.

With more than a million active companies across the 10 markets, Confirmis ASEAN data strategy is driven by robust program led by industry experts. Confirmis ASEAN's jewel of the crown lies in the "uberisation" of site verifiers spread across the region conducting on-site interview. The community has grown to more than 2000-strong trained site verifiers. We aim to harness and deliver ASEAN business insight to the world!

We believe that education creates options, and options lead to greater opportunities in life. As an ASEAN company, we are committed to support local communities with a special focus on education and underprivileged children.

Connecting Southeast Asia with Confidence