Confirmis Market Insight Solutions

Confirmis Market Insight Solutions

Successful businesses have extensive knowledge about the market they play in, this include customer behavior, supplier capabilities, and the overall competitive environment.

Quality market research produces reliable data which turn into insight to enable effective execution.

  • Understand customer behavior and preferences
  • Identify opportunities to grow business and increase profits
  • Be aware of market and economic dynamic, including competitive landscape
  • Improve decision making quality with first-hand data

What make Confirmis' Market Research stands out among the other providers in ASEAN region?

Powered by vast network of trained field reporters across Southeast Asia and supported by a robust cloud platform, Confirmis' market research capabilities aim to deliver higher ROI with the following:

  • Larger sample size and higher survey/interview success rate
  • Lower cost per survey/interview vs conventional telephone interview
  • Higher accuracy and consistency through face-to-face interview
  • Better consistency and delivery timeliness
  • Visual identification & verification!

Whether you are enterprises, non-government organizations, or universities looking for more efficient way to collect data from the field or conduct full market research in Southeast Asia, we are ready to listen to your needs.

Go ahead, our vast network of trained field reporters are ready to serve! Drop us a note on and get in touch with our experts!