What's Confirmis Know-Your-Credit-Health (KYCH)?

KYCH is a credit health assessment solution offered to businesses to allow client self-assess their company's health, know their creditability from risk perspective, and have a perspective of how their company is viewed by the business community. KYCH provides a great opportunity for companies to engage and maintain critical confidence with the business network, both domestic and overseas.

Under said subscription, client is entitled to three (3) certified true copies of the report which can be given away to prospective business partners, including banks and credit insurers, if you are applying loans or trade insurance.

Confirmis is committed to Connecting Southeast Asian SMEs, as an added benefit, Confirmis will help connect and register client's interest with their prospective customers and/or suppliers across Southeast Asia, just send us the "wish list!”

Confirmis Measuring Your Business Health

What's in the KYCH report?

As the saying goes "Prevention is Better than Cure," Confirmis KYCH report closely examined various pertinent component of a company's 'health', such as operations, financial performance, payment & business behavior feedback from 3rd party (Perception counts!), etc., by applying proven world class algorithm. Our experienced analyst generates valuable 'business insight' that highlight the strength and/or weaknesses of the company.

How does KYCH benefit you?

It provides opportunity to assess your company 'health' status and potential risk factors.

Identify and improve weaknesses at an early stage, which may impact creditworthiness.

A clean bill of health as advised by Confirmis increases the confidence in the eyes of both your existing and prospective business partners.

"Customer's Perception is Your Reality"

An updated copy of KYCH in Confirmis database allows businesses across the globe to search and locate you, with confidence!

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