About Confirmis Site Verifier Program

Confirmis ASEAN' s Site Verifier Program sets to "uberise" and transform the business information industry across the 10 markets in Southeast Asia by empowering higher learning students from any discipline. Supported by innovative processes and state of the art of cloud technology, Confirmis ASEAN delivers superior data quality and insight at faster turnaround time compared to conventional model.

Confirmis ASEAN' s Site Verifiers are carefully recruited, trained and certified by our experienced business analysts, coupled with local know-how, the team aims to deliver consistent quality, trust and confidence to our customers.

Confirmis ASEAN' s Site Verifier Program supports and enable higher learning students to be able to get exposure with professional career and first-hand experience in working and creating networks in different industries. This in turn will provide them with an advanced experience and a better understanding about any field of expertise while also being equipped with soft skills and paid at the same time. This will be a chance to challenge themselves without interfering their studies while acquiring exciting real life work experience.

Our Activities

As part of Confirmis ASEAN, Site Verifiers are included in our ASEAN community, wherein they build connections and friendships with people across Southeast Asia with the same role. Moreover, Confirmis ASEAN rewards the most active Site Verifiers to a fully-funded workshop/camp that is being organized quarterly. The camp provides great opportunity for learning and interactions among the Site Verifiers and the Confirmis Team.

To strengthen our vast network of Site Verifiers, we held our first ASEAN Explorer Camp in HCMC Open University last March-2017, following by serial events organized in Jakarta and Manila.